Loving the Planet

peimage_small.JPGLast night, I had the opportunity to attend the screening of the first episode of Discovery’s new mini-series, Planet Earth in New York City. Discovery Education was able to take 10 STAR Discovery Educator’s and I was lucky enough to be selected. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was not disappointed. After a 4 hour ride, I arrived in New York and was mesmerized by the height of those skyscrapers! Coming from a small town makes the big city a surprise every time.

The event was held at the American Museum of Natural History, the perfect venue. After enjoying some appetizers and social time, the show was ready to begin. Everyone took a seat and listened intently as the new leader of Discovery Communications explained how the project came to be. He was followed by a Bank of America executive and then a BBC spokesperson.

The last person to speak was Alastair Fothergill, series producer. He explained that five years ago, Discovery pushed to have Planet Earth filmed in high definition – and it made him cross. The cameramen weren’t familiar with the technology and he felt uneasy. This has a direct relation to teachers and technology in our schools. Every day, it seems we are asking our teachers to do more, learn more, teach more and it’s hard for them. But, when you see the results that came from learning how to use the high def equipment for Planet Earth, think about the results that we’ll see in our students five years from now! 

A Wired magazine article goes in depth to explain the advancements in technology that allowed Planet Earth to be the tremendous acheivement that it is. The BBC has also posted a page of the “firsts” that you can see in the miniseries. Discovery has even posted a Google Earth tour for Planet Earth!

 Tune in, starting March 25th, and prepare to be amazed by Planet Earth!

2 thoughts on “Loving the Planet

  1. Michelle,
    I love your rendition of the night! And you explain the comparison between the event and our students perfectly! What a wonderful way to look at the way we teach! It was truly an amazing evening!
    Kathy Dziok

  2. Michelle,
    What a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to veiw the new show and share it with my students. My class will be doing a live chat with the producer of the show on the 26th or 27th. Thanks for sharing your experience and linking us to the Google Earth Site.

    Debbie Bohanan
    Florida DEN

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